Why would a blind person carry a torch?. Oil Paint on Board. 18x24 Inches. 2016-17
The Kotel (Western Wall). Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas on Board. 16x20 Inches. 2015
Adam and Eve Diptych. Oil Paint on Canvas Stretched over Board. 16x20 Inches each. 2015
Yetzer Tov and Yetzer Harah (The Good and Bad Inclinations). 
Oil on Canvas on Board. 18x24 Inches. 2015
Siddur. Oil Paint on Panel. 14x11 inches. 2016
Shabbat Dinner. Oil paint on Panel. 16x20 inches. 2016
The Wanderers. 6x4 feet. Oil on Canvas. 2014-15
A Note at The Kotel. Oil on Silver Leaf. 9x12 Inch Oval Canvas. 2015
Sounding The Shofar. 36x36 inches. Oil on Linen. 2014

Shir LaShalom, The Song of Peace. Oil and Silver Leaf. 8x10 inches. 2012
The Execution. 54 x72 Inches. Oil On Canvas. 2014
Floral Vanitas. 16x20 Inches. Oil on Nickel Plating. 2014-15
Vanitas. 18x24. Oil on Board. 2013
St. Francis of Assisi. Oil Paint on Canvas. 3x4 feet. 2012
Saint Lucy. 40x52 inches. Oil on Canvas. 2013
The Accident. Oil Paint on Canvas. 16x20 inches. 2012
Head of Goliath. 6x6 inches. Oil on Copper. 2013
Honi, The Circle Make4. 40x52 inches. Oil on Canvas. 2014
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